How to Get Organic traffic increase by 200% in 4 Months?

Q. “I want to rank for the first page and get more traffic with these some keywords.”

All the Time clients tell us about keywords ranking on the first page and want to get traffic organically in 4 to 6 months. But, generally websites in a competitive industry, there has a number of competitors, ranking factor depends on many terms, and the business owners, for instance, need to be thorough with their keywords research because of the areas they want to target and get traffic and ranking. Generally, incorporate a more local approach for SEO Strategies for getting there factor.

I’m going to show you SEO Case Study, How we were able to get Organic Traffic Increased by 200% in 4 Months? And the traffic and ranking factor applied for getting clients in the top 10 positions; with this case study, you can improve organically traffic and ranking using our white label SEO Case study strategies.

Table of Contents

  • Brief Background about the Client
  • so, here’s the problem… and want to improve something…
  • What’s Our Solution?
  • After All That optimization, here’s What We Got.

Brief Background about the Client

Do you know your client?

It’s important,

Collect business details,

Before we precede the case study, I’ll share with you a brief background about the client:

  1.  The client works in the Travels and Tours industry.
  2. Their website already has good traffic.
  3. Some of their keywords ranking on the first page.
  4. Client wants to target in local [in country /city/specific location].
  5. The client simply wants to increase 200% traffic in just 4 months and some keywords rankings specifically position 1 to 10.

So, here’s the problem…and want to improve something…

If you want to apply boost-up strategies on any website/business, generally we see the number of websites is not optimized in a proper way.

In this case, the client’s main keywords were directing traffic only to the homepage instead of the inner pages. In this case, Competitors have individual pages and enough quality content to talk about the keywords, but there has a big question, while the client only has the homepage to rank for the same set of keywords they are targeting.

We completely analyzed this case SEO study and optimized issues accordingly for getting traffic through another page.

We focus on these 10 keywords which describe below, 1st of all we optimized according to the targeted strategies and get 200% traffic in 4 months.


Vacation Packages India

Tours and Travel Packages India

Travel packages India

north india tour packages

Holiday packages in India

South India tour packages

East India tour packages

West India tour packages

Holiday Packages

Weekend Packages tour packages

When we analyze the website, 85% of the pages that are contextually relevant to the target term “Travel and tours packages India” are linking to the homepage. While the client has an existing page for the target term, only 15% of the links point to this page, which explains why “Travel and tours package India”, is only in position 8. Because the homepage is the only one ranking for their many terms, the competition is taking over most of the Travel and tours Packages.

What’s Our Solution?

We analyze the complete website and ranking position, we find the website is already ranking,

It’s a Good,

So, there is no need to do extensive keyword research, No need to do choose another set of keywords to rank.

But, there are three things that became the focus of our strategy.

Need to optimize the entire website structure according to targeted keywords and competitors.

Inner links needed to be established and optimized.

Content is more important so needs improvement to provide contextual relevancy to the target keywords and pages which you want to boost and improved.

Solution 1: Restructuring the Site

The initial site structure of the page looked something similar to this:

– Home Page

– Tour and Travel Package – North India – South India – East India – West India – Central India

– Holiday Package – Tourism Destinations – Adventure Tourism – Pilgrimage Tourism

– Weekend Getaways – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur, Patna

About Us

– Contact US

The “Holiday Packages” page that is contextually and syntactically relevant to one of their main target keywords is too far down the website structure, which explains why it’s not getting enough traffic.

We proposed a new hierarchy for the website to organize the pages and distribute the equity coming from the homepage to the relevant pages. Here’s what we did:

  •  “Holiday Packages” page. We include relevant more pages under the “holiday packages”, user can get easily which type of packages they want, and then we created content for the individual page that will include the key term.
  • We organized the pages under the Holiday Packages, Weekend Getaways, and Tour and Travel Package, we make appropriate categories for easy access.
  • There is a number of pages displaying so we move to the inner section according to page and services. And some are pages displaying in inner section so we move to the home page which is more relevant pages of clients.

The new site structure allows the pages on the succeeding tiers to earn authority from the homepage while organizing the pages to enable a more logical and contextual connection for each page’s content.

Solution 2: Linking inner pages

When we analyzed the complete website then found most of the equity of the keywords homepage, which is also the inner pages so being overshadowed and losing traffic, search engine crawling confused and passing keywords come from home pages.

Today, when work on that after a month website home page and inner page linking are optimized structures so the homepage does not cannibalize all the rankings for the target keywords.

We optimized a number of the missing page linking structures because we needed to get ranking and traffic organically; we split the target keyword between the homepage and inner page.

We focus long-tail keywords for getting related search result and traffic which do not come through.

We focus on variations of long-tail exact matches keywords for the home page and inner pages.

Do you think why we target long-tail keywords?

Because long-tail keywords have less competition so we can get easily a ranking position in the top 10 so we can introduce our product and search to the user and then we move to another primary keyword.

For more traffic, we created new pages as well as the existing pages for the contextual support and we link inner pages when getting traffic too.

Solution 3: Improving website content

The homepage has a considerable amount of content, we get a ranking number of keywords ranking so we did not want to affect the current rankings of the website. So we put some other keywords in the existing content of the website.

We optimized content and some page content re-write and some are new fresh content we put accordingly the pages.

On the Homepage, we explain all the services information about the company and clients and put some key terms stuffing in this related to the targeted keywords.

After All That optimization, here’s What We Got

After optimized website, we get traffic which I share below,

Finally, we get,

Achieve traffic which we target,

Increase the traffic to nearly 7,000 from the initial 2,000 monthly visitors in 2017, the website is receiving, showing a growth of almost 200% plus. Currently, we have not accessed to the website so we are not able to show the current search result and exact traffic of the website.

We were able to rank 20 + keywords on Google search position 1 to 10 and increase organic traffic through the primary keyword targets of the client.

A big Yes!

Get the Result, primary Keywords 1-10 search position and organic 200% traffic,

Complete the task and finally get the result.

We achieve the client’s goals – through the above strategy which we are sharing in this.

In this optimization, we are implementing a number of strategies and methodology so finally, we achieve the Goals of the clients.

We can say, the client was happy with our strategy and implementing the right methodology.

We create a happily satisfied business partner.

This is just an example of how We delivers value for our partner and managed search engine marketing services results.

We’ll be happy to share our formula to help your digital business grow.